Friday, 27 May 2016

Comfy Attire

I have always been someone who defiantly dresses for comfort, I love wearing comfortable clothing as it makes me feel so much more relaxed. An outfit I wore the other day, is an outfit I love wearing when I want to feel extra comfortable.
The outfit is very simple and plain; its made up of denim metallic hayden jeans - which are from Topshop at £46.00 and a plain black oversized tshirt - which is from Pretty Little Thing at £8.00. The black top is v necked, however it is huge so i do often wear it off the shoulder or sometimes even just with tights.

Click here to purchase the Metallic Hayden Jeans From Topshop.
Click here to purchase the Basic Back Oversized V neck T-shirt.

With this outfit I often wear my white and black Superstars From Adidas. (Scroll down my blog to read more about my Superstar trainers.)
Click here to purchase Adidas Superstars.

In the photos of the preview of the outfit, I am also holding my phone in my new personalised case. I just recently purchased the case and I absolutely love it. I got it from Sassy Skinz for £15.99.

To purchase your own personalised phone case, just like mine, click here.

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