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Favourite Tanning Products

Everyone loves being tanned, right? I absolutely love walking around while looking tanned, it makes me feel more better about myself with a good tan. So I thought I'd tell you guys about my favourite tanning products I use. 

I have tired so many different products for self tan, I sometimes have spray tans but not very often. If I do have spray tan I will always use the tanning shop in Stafford town. 

St. Moriz Tanning Moose

One of the tanning products I use is called St. Moriz, you may or may not of heard of it, but you can buy this product from all most everywhere, you can even get it from supermarkets. I would usually buy mine from Home Bargains, as its most probably the cheapest. I used to use this product all time, it's very good and comes out really well but sometimes too heavy, so if you want only a nice bronze glow I would suggest going for a more lighter colour like the light shade. You can always get this product as a spray & a lotion, I do use the moose version as I find it the easiest to apply!
This product I always apply using a tanning Mitt, however this can sometimes come out really streaky and can often feel quite sticky after use. This tanning product is very superior, I mainly use this if I just need a tan for the next day or put it on in the morning so it's begins to show in the evening. This tan will only last through one shower and its developing, if you just get a splash of water on it, it will instantly go very streaky - this sometimes doesn't look as good. 

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Dove Tinted Moisturiser

My all - time favourite tanning lotion is defiantly Dove tinted moisturiser in shade medium - dark. I go through so many bottles of this, it's incredible. You can buy this product from a local Boots or Superdrug store and again can be found in some supermarkets. Normally this product costs around £7.00 which is slightly more expensive then the St. Moriz, but at the moment in boots it's only £3.49! I've recently been and brought 3 more bottles as the price has gone down slightly. This product is a lotion and I apply it with my hands, which is ok as long as you remember to wash your hands after, they can go very dark. Sometimes I forgot and really regret the next day - though remember not to wash your hands to much as you don't want a tanned body and then white hands. I love this product as it comes out amazing, I do often tend to put two layers on when applying; it's so easy to apply and as its a moisturiser it softens your skin and makes you feel so much healthier - the tan also doesn't leave a horrendous smell either. When wearing this tan it always lasts about 4-5 days and that also allows me to shower everyday; obviously when it comes to day 4-5 I can become a bit streaky and not as tanned, however it defiantly still shows a great tan. I usually apply it about once a week, and it's defiantly looks good all week. 

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These pictures above are picture of my tan using the Dove Tinted Moisturiser.

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