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Favourite and Recommended make-up products

When doing my makeup I often use a lot of different products but I am just going to tell you about my favourite products and what I recommend for you to buy.

 NYX Matte Bronzer

I used to always struggle to find the perfect bronzer until I came across this certain one. I didn't purchase this until a few months ago but oh my god it is amazing. It comes out so clear and good, it is a matte bronzer which is another reason why I love it so much. This bronzer can also be used for face & body.

The shade of bronzer I got was medium MBB03 which to me is dark enough. This shade of bronzer also goes really well when you've got a tan too.

However you cant purchases NYX makeup from a boots store so I had to ordered it in to store which arrived straight away the day after I purchased it. But you can purchase these from Selfridges. I also love this bronzer else well because it is very affordable at just £7.00.

Click here to purchase

Revolution Highlighting Powder Vivid Baked Golden Lights

This is my favourite highlighter ever!!! It works so well and the outcome of the shimmer is amazing; it has rich pigmentation and is incredibly illuminating. When applying the highlighter I have to only put a minimal amount on as it comes out really heavy.

This highlighter can be ordered and purchased from various places, I normally buy mine from Superdrug or sometimes order it on amazon. This highlighter is also affordable as its £7.99 and with amazon it is free delivery. However in superdrug it is only £3.00.

Click here to purchase from Amazon
Click here to purchase from Superdrug

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

Eyebrows are always highlighted as one of the most important elements of doing your daily makeup. So to make it easier for yourself you will need the right beauty essentials to get them as pristine as possible.

The Brow Definer that I use is definitely my favourite beauty product to concur the brows. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. This product is very good; I've only been using this product for a short amount of time but it definitely makes the difference - it definitely defines the brows. I purchased this when I was in America in Sephora at the price $23 ; however in the UK it is only £16.00. This product again can be purchased from many websites, however the website Cult Beauty ships to the UK for no additional price.

The shade I use is soft brown.

Click Here to purchase from Cult Beauty
Click Here to purchase from Sephora

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Stila Liquid Lipsticks are amazing, as soon as you apply the lipstick it turns to a matted state - which looks so good on. These lipstick will stay on all day even through eating and drinking this lipstick will remain on - when you do wear this product it does take a while to remove it. Nevertheless, the result is worth it.

Again I purchased mine in Sephora in American which was $24. In the UK you can purchase this product from the Stila website/ Sephora website & you can buy Stila products from boots; however they don't have this specific lipstick in.

The shade I apply in Patina Dusty Rose

Click here to purchase from Stila website
Click here to order from boots
Click here to order from Sephora Website


To apply my makeup I sometimes use the real techniques brushes & blenders, but my favourite makeup brushes to use are Uspicy which I purchased on Amazon for £14.99.
These brushes are very good, they contain all the brushes you need to apply your daily makeup. They include 32-piece makeup brushes which are wrapped in a professional travel pouch. You can also choose between white or black brushes which is a bonus. They are very high quality and are extremely soft on the skin.

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I also use this MAC Prep + Prim Fix + setting spray which is incredibly good; I cannot go a day without using this product.

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