Thursday, 10 November 2016

Winter coats

Every year around this time everyone is looking for a new winter coat, as its now getting cold outside and its running up to Christmas - this is the perfect time to splash the cash on a new coat. This is defiantly by favourite time of the year, I love wearing layers on layers and baggy clothing.

The past few years so many coats have been repeating themselves, I always tend to try by a brand new style of coat each year. Bomber jackets have been very popular in recent years. Majority of the coats that are worn contain fur collars or rimmed hoods; this is great to stay warm and these are trending right now, everyone is in them. Also you have the fashionable smart coats, which in my opinion doesn't always look very warm, they are purely for fashion and an outfit accessorise to style up your day to day outfit. These tend to be coats like waterfall / duster coats.

This year almost everyday I see many people wearing padded jackets which tend to be in the colour range of; Black, Navy Blue, Khaki Green and Mustard Yellows - these are very popular colours this season.
A lot of coats worn tend to be coats which have different materials on the inside and on the outside of the coat - for example my coat I am wearing this season is black suede on the outside of the coat but inside is brown woollen fabric. Buckles tend to be very popular this year which coats, which I absolutely love.

I purchased this coat from Pretty Little Thing which I got for £60 - which I think this was a good price especially for a coat. At the moment there is a warning on the website that there are only a few remaining, so if you want a Bonded Aviator Jacket you better order it quickly.
It is so warm and comfortable and literally goes with any outfit.

Click here to purchase this Eloise Black Faux Suede Bonded Aviator Jacket.

For this photo I used one of my friends to model my coat for me; click here to check out her blog.

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