Sunday, 21 August 2016

Topshop Lovin'

I haven't had chance to blog in a while, I've been on holiday and just started my new job at the new Outfit Store in Stafford - all is very new and exciting. However over the past month I've encountered a few exciting subjects to blog about; this blog post is a brand new outfit I have purchased from Topshop. This blog post outlines different ways to wear and accessorise it.

           As I have previously mentioned this outfit is mostly purchased from Topshop; the outfit consists of MOTO Washed Black Super Rip Mom Jeans, these are so comfy and baggy which I love. These type of jeans are dead easy to style with anything especially with them being black; other colours look great else well. Also this outfit shows the Stripe Penny Pop Bardot Top from Topshop which is amazing; it sits so well around the arms. This top and jeans together looks insanely good. Topshop is great for clothes at the moment as all the new Autumn trends are coming out called the 'New Term Style' its full of trendy clothes ready to rock your wardrobes - nothing better than slaying the ripped jeans and jumper look.

I have accessorised this with a lovely necklace from Dorothy Perkins - I don't tend to shop here however surprisingly they do great accessories ( I also purchased a bargain outfit from here the other day - next blog post coming soon!!).

The shoes I wore with this outfit are shoes from Topshop again; however these shoes are quite old now. These shoes are the best Topshop purchase I have ever brought - These strapped heels I brought 2 years ago and still they are the most comfiest shoes ever!! I love them, defiantly recommend buying shoes from Topshop - I wore these through every season as they go with everything!

This outfit would also look amazing with a pair of trainers.
Hope you enjoyed reading through this post, watch out for the next coming very soon!

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