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My Charlotte Crosby Diet

I always find it extremely hard to find motivation to start healthy eating and exercise; but doesn't everyone? After finding the motivation to start I am quite good at keeping it going. However unfortunately I am so not one of those people that love eating clean, I am a sucker for unhealthy food. 

When Charlotte Crosby produced her first exercise DVD which is called ' Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz ' I brought it straight away; to be honest I didn't really have much intention to use it much - I literally just brought it because it was her DVD and I was quite intrigued. 

When I eventually found the motivation to start loosing weight by eating clean and exercising I purchased;
  • Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz
  • Charlotte's 3 Minute Bum Blitz
  • Charlotte's Live Fast Lose Weight Book
All of these three together literally shows you the way to loose weight properly and effectively.

Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz

This DVD is great, it is made from 12 round which are all 3 minutes - each round is made from high intense workouts which are very good and hard work but trust me it all pays off.

Round 1 - Jumps & Punches
Round 2 - Lunges
Round 3 - Jumps, Punches & Knees
Round 4 - Press Ups & Floor Exercises
Round 5 - Cardio & Jumps
Round 6 - Press Ups & Crunches
Round 7 - Cardio Kick Boxing
Round 8 - Squats & Lunges
Round 9 - Jumps & Squats
Round 10 - Push Ups & Lunges
Round 11 - Cardio & Jumps
Round 12 - Leg Lifts & Glutes

There is also an extra ab section which is a ten minute work out directly for the core muscles, you can always skip this - I just see it as the cheery on top of the workout. The video also contain a Warm Up and Cool Down section which they state should be done every single time you exercise.

During the various workouts I find the way Richard Callender keeps shouting throughout the exercise highly motivational which helps me not to give up. However I tend to have a few little breaks between each workout.

I tend to use this DVD every other day and in the days I don't, I do something fairly productive. I'm not going to lie if you do this video frequent and stick to it the results will definitely show!

Charlotte 3 Minute Bum Blitz

In my personal opinion this video is a lot harder, I think the Belly Blitz is for loosing weight and the Bum Blitz is for toning up after loosing the weight. This video is still very good don't get me wrong, but its for a different use.

Again, this is 12 rounds of 3 minute workouts,

Round 1 - Punching & Moving Around
Round 2 - This is Bum 1 - one for the Glutes, Lunges & Squats
Round 3 - Donkey Kicks & Squat Jumps & Burpees
Round 4 - Cardio
Round 5 - This is Bum 2 - Leg Raises and Core Work
Round 6 - Crab Extensions & Mountain Climbers & Crab Thrusters
Round 7 - Cardio
Round 8 - Lunges, Pelvic Pulses, Leg Presses
Round 9 - Ab workout, Leg Kick Outs
Round 10 - Cardio
Round 11 - This is Bum 3 - Hardest Bum Exercise
Round 12 - Weights

This DVD again also contains a Warm Up and Cool Down which should be done every time you use these workouts. Again there is also an extra 10 minute bum section.

Live Fast Lose Weight Book

This book outlines how Charlotte balances out her food against her exercise. This book is full of 80 different recipes for different meals such as;
  • Breakfast
  • Smoothies & shakes
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Pudding
  • Cocktails
One of my favourite recipes in this book in the Sweet Potato Brownies, they are amazing and literally taste like normal brownies. The book also outlines loads of tips how to keep up your healthy diet & also things Charlottes swap for slightly healthier options.

If you use all of these 3 you will 100% tell your weight dropping off, I managed to loose a stone in 2 and half weeks. You always have to remember to have a few treats day else well which I love! If you follow this diet you will be loosing weight in no time.
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