Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Choker Season

Chokers have been very in for this summer season, almost being sold in everything shop. These chokers go perfectly with an off the shoulder top or a bralet. You can buy so many different styles and colours; you can even get double layered or embellished chokers. I love wearing chokers, they defiantly do the job by accessorising up the outfit. I own three different choker at the moment, they are all so different.

Velvet Chain Choker

This choker I brought recently was from Miss Selfridge; to be honest Miss Selfridge have such a good range of accessories as it is, but the chokers are so nice!!
This Velvet Chain Choker I really like as its quite plain but looks great on. Its only £6.50 and is dead comfy.

Click here to purchase this choker from Miss Selfridge.

Black Flower Drop Choker

This choker is from new look; I have actually blogged about this choker before. Click here to read about how I wore this choker.
This choker looks so pretty and quite stylish; its £3.99 from New Look.

Click here to purchase this choker from New Look.

Thin Pink Link Choker

This choker is completely different to any of the previous; this choker is from Topshop its bright pink. This choker is quite odd; I wouldn't usually wear a choker like this - its quite hard to match it with an outfit.
This choker is very comfortable and is £8.00 from Topshop.

Click here to purchase this choker from Topshop.

Rose Gold Tone Ring Necklace

This isn't a choker but I love this necklace from River Island. Its very lightweight and goes perfectly with any outfit. Its £6.00.

Click here to purchase this choker from River Island.

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